The Duval

Status / Past
Year / 2011
Number of Homes / 47
Neighbourhood / Royal Oak

The Duval is a four-storey, 47 residence condo building located at the gateway to Royal Oak on the corner of West Saanich Road Elk Lake Roads. The Duval is a high-profile, landmark building in the community and a sought-after residential location due to it’s proximity to shopping, dining, recreation and a major transit hub.

Completed in 2011, The Duval development project included two significant preservation components. The restoration of a Garry Oak meadow protected a group of large trees on the property and the historic Royal Oak School House was restored and returned to its original location, next to The Duval. Mike Geric Construction donates the school house to the Saanich Neighbourhood Group to operate family programs. It is also a community amenity available to local charitable and volunteer groups.

District of Saanich
Best Heritage Building