Community Open House – James Bay Parking Lot Redevelopment

Date / November 10, 2022

Join our team at an open house event to learn the latest on our application for the redevelopment of the surface parking lot at Quebec, Montreal and Kingston Streets in James Bay. This online event is being hosted on Microsoft Teams from 7-9 PM on Wednesday November 23, 2022. Registration link and full details are below. For more information on this development proposal visit

Join us for an update on the proposed redevelopment of the Quebec/Montreal/Kingston Street parking lot.

A proposal for new homes, meaningful community amenities and outstanding public spaces by a local development team.


This proposal reimagines a surface parking lot in iconic James Bay.

The vision is to build a development that will enhance its dynamic surroundings by adding to the character of this historic neighbourhood with a diverse range of housing, an improved pedestrian experience, exceptional public spaces and valuable amenities for residents and the broader community.