Staying Cool at Travino – Climate Controlled Homes All Year Long

Date / August 4, 2017

The summertime heat is upon us and many people are seeking out ways to cool down – especially here in Royal Oak where we enjoy one of the warmest pocket climates in Greater Victoria. While Travino is just minutes from beautiful lakes and beaches, our residents are also enjoying cooling off in the comfort of their own homes.

Thanks to our energy efficient VRF (Variant Refrigerant Flow) system, Travino homes are perfectly comfortable with cooling that’s available at the push of a button. The system allows homeowners to adjust each room in their home to their desired temperature and delivers cooling, comfortable air on demand.

Here are a few of the other reasons VRF’s innovative features benefit our homeowners.

  • No electric baseboard heaters. They use a huge amount of energy and cost a lot to operate. So far, heating AND cooling at Travino is proving to reduce costs by more than 40% compared with electric heat alone.
  • We’re feeling the heat now, but when fall temperatures begin to mingle with the end of summer heat, Travino homeowners will be able to heat and cool their homes and even specific rooms at the same time! It’s so easy to maintain a comfortable temperature at any time of year.
  • VRF is incredibly energy efficient because it is designed to provide exactly the amount of heating or cooling needed at any given time. It also captures heat from the cooling process and reuses it in other areas that may need heating (say one home that faces north and one that face south) at no additional cost and without using more energy. That means a lighter footprint on the planet and lower gas bills for residents.

VRF is proven technology that we chose for Travino because it’s an innovative, sustainable option that provides incredible comfort and value to our homeowners.

You can always get in touch to learn more.

– The Travino Team @ Mike Geric Construction